We own and operate all of our own gear. This means everything we bring to set has been professionally handpicked and maintained to work reliably. When you hire Red Riot you don't have to spend time or money running around to rental houses or worrying about equipment issues and compatibility.  

All of the gear you need shows up on time, prepped and ready.


Let us handle the technical side of things so you can concentrate on what's really important: 

Bringing your vision to life. 

Camera A: RED Epic-W Gemini
Camera A: RED Epic-W Gemini
Camera B: RED Raven
Camera B: RED Raven
Tilta Nucleus Follow Focus System
Tilta Nucleus Follow Focus System
Aperture 300D
Aperture 300D
Ready Rig
Ready Rig
Freefly Movi M15
Freefly Movi M15



In addition to filming your project with our top-of-the-line cinema gear, the below list is also available for rental.


You can rent this gear directly from us, or in conjunction with a rental house.  We have relationships with many of Los Angeles's largest rental houses and can work it out so all your equipment

is serviced and originating from one facility.


Lastly, we offer all-inclusive discounted pricing for labor and rentals if your production is solely with us.

Equipment List

Cinema Cameras

RED EPIC GEMINI 5K Digital Cinema Package. 

- Dual Native ISO with Special Low Light Mode.

- EF or PL Mount 

- Super 35mm Helium Sensor

RED RAVEN DRAGON 4.5k Digital Cinema Package

- Lightest Professional Cinema Camera on Earth. Great for Gimbals or Stedicam.

- EF Mount (PL with adapter)

-Super 35mm Dragon Sensor  

5" RED Pro Touch Monitor 

7" RED Pro Touch Monitor 

3 x 480gig RED Mini Mags 

1 x 120GB RED Mini Mag 

10 X V-Mount Batteries 

Camera Support

2 x MOVI M15 3 Axis Gimbals

Ready Rig Pro MOVI Vest 

Benro S8 Tripod

Sachtler ACE XL Tripod 

Manfrotto 504 Tripod 

Dana Dolly Kit with 6' Rails 

Kessler Pocket Jib (Available on Request)


2 X Sigma Art 18-35 f/ 1.8 Lenses

50-100mm f/1.8 Sigma Art

11-20mm f/2.8 Tokina 

Asahi 50mm Vintage f/1.8

Zeiss Distagon 50mm f/1.4

Follow Focus and Wireless

Tilta Nucleus-M Wireless Follow Focus 

Focus and Zoom Control Simultaneously

Lighted Mark Wheel

Modes for Cinema or Photography Lenses 

Light Weight, adjustable gears for Gimbal or Stedicam


2 X Nyrius Aires Pro Wireless HDMI Systems - 1080p

Up to 100' Range 

1080p video with >1ms latency

HDMI for use with any HD TV or Monitor


Laizeske V Mount  equipped 1080p monitor with SDI and HDMI


Aputure 300d 800w HMI Equivalent LED. 

Dracast 1000w Equivanlent Panel

Axrtec 1000w Equivalent Panel

Godox SL60w Fresel LED Light

Filex Pro Plus Kit 2 600w Pars 2  300w pars with fresnel lenses and light domes

2 x 2' Quasar Bi Color Tubes 

2 Lowel Case Light 4 bank Kino Styled lights 

2 Came TV 100w  Fresnel LEDs 

Axrtec 1200w equivalent Bi Color Panel


7 X C-Stands with Arms 

2 Matthews Maxi Light Stands 

2 Matthews Standard Light Stands 

1 Matthews MERF Stand 

Full Apple Box

1/2 Apple box 

2 3x3 Ultrabounce Floppies 

1 2x3 Ultrabounce Floppies 

2 2x3 Cutters 

2 Westcot Reflectors

Various Claps, Maffers, Cardis, Grip Clips, Gels, etc...

Preditor 2000w Suitcase Generator (by request)